The brain is constantly growing, changing, adapting, learning, and evolving.

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What is Neurofeedback?

Non-invasive therapy

Neurofeedback is an educational tool used to promote relaxation. It is a non-invasive therapy (no scalpel required) that trains the brain to regulate itself and perform more efficiently. The brain learns how to speed up or slow down its frequency, resulting in improved brain function.

Neurofeedback is not a treatment for any specific condition. Instead, this process improves overall brain function, resulting in an improvement in many conditions and symptoms.

Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS)

Here at Gentle Currents, we use the Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS), a safe and effective neurofeedback therapy. Whereas traditional neurofeedback requires your involvement in retraining the brain, with LENS the software does all the work and removes blockages that may be causing your symptoms.

The goal is a more relaxed, less stressed, better functioning and focused individual.


$110 per session

  • A typical LENS session lasts 30-50 minutes.
  • Sessions are booked weekly until desired results achieved.


Number of sessions required

Most clients book anywhere from 1 to 20 sessions.

Many clients report noticeable results after one session. With some head trauma and other traumatic brain injuries, it may take longer.


Before your first LENS session

Complete the following questionnaire and forms:

* We use the information you provide to develop your customized treatment plan.

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